Breakthrough Coaching can give your career a whole new future in just one day.
If you weren't determined to achieve your career goals, you wouldn't be reading about Breakthrough Coaching now.  What's more, if you didn't have the skills and the intelligence it takes, you'd be content to stay where you are.

In sports, a split second can mean the difference between a stunning victory and a respectable second place.  The same applies to you in the workplace.  And just like an athlete relies on his or her coach to deliver a winning performance, keen business people rely on me, Shirley Darby, to help improve their performances.

Breakthrough Coaching pinpoints WHY, despite your best efforts, you aren't getting the recognition and rewards you deserve.  Perhaps the answer is improving your rapport with colleagues and clients.  Or it could be improving your communication or leadership strengths.

Once we discover WHAT'S holding you back, we'll work together to eliminate it.

Using tried-and-tested NLP and TimeLine
TM techniques, we'll get rid of any and all negative beliefs.  More important, we'll create achievable goals as well as a personal plan to achieve them, using the skills you already have - all in just one day!

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