Every Year British businesses spend over £18 billion on business training in Britain.  But how much training produces real results?"
The reality is the results can be disappointing.

Why? Because many companies concentrate exclusively on meeting job descriptions, and fail to cover the most essential aspect of all - effective people skills. No company's success is ever greater than its people and their ability to communicate with each other and with customers and clients.

Smart managers know that good communication begins with good rapport. The business training I provide will have a noticeable impact on your company's efficiency and success.

In just one information-packed, action-packed day, your staff will learn all the skills they need, including :

  • How to create and maintain positive rapport with everyone
  • How to recognise and understand other people's perspectives
  • How to accept and give feedback in a positive, powerful way
  • How to speak in a way that guarantees your message will appeal to colleagues and clients alike.

The groups are kept small - no more than 18 people - so each delegate will get plenty of individual attention as well as positive feedback from others.

I use highly-effective NLP techniques to achieve the results you want.

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