Many clients come to me because they're not in control of their own lives.  Some want to stop smoking.  Some want to improve their relationships.  Some want to lose weight.  Some want to get rid of fears that keep them from enjoying their life.

Would you be surprised if I told you that you have everything it takes to improve your life? In fact, you have that power right now.  Like most people, you probably just don't know how to access and harness it - and that's where I can help.

As an experienced and qualified therapist I can help you pinpoint and develop the strengths that will help you meet and beat your personal challenges.  Who needs self-doubts?  Instead let's build on the power you have within you right now!

The Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) approaches I use are tried and tested.  They are also highly successful.  NLP is the language of the mind that has helped millions of people understand their thoughts, feelings and physiology.  The ultimate benefit is life on your terms - free of self-doubts that inhibit personal success and happiness.

Time-Line Therapy is another technique I recommend to remove negative emotions based on past experience, and replace that unhappiness with knowledge we can use to get on with life.

Hypnotherapy is another gentle, helpful technique we can use to allow your unconscious mind to accept and apply all the positive information you'll receive.

Even if you've tried to overcome personal obstacles before, I can help you put you back in control - and together, we can create the life you want with YOU in charge!
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